California Adventure’s Magic Key Terrace Review

A sign on top of stairs that says "Magic Key Terrace"

What is the Magic Key Terrace?

The Magic Key Terrace (previously known as Alfresco Tasting Terrace) is a dining restaurant that is exclusive to Magic Key holders. It is a special dining lounge that Magic Key holders can enjoy delicious food and drinks while enjoying the scenery of California Adventure. It’s a great place to dine and enjoy a lovely view over the Pacific Wharf.

This one of many places in California Adventure where you can purchase alcohol. They have a wide selection of cocktails, beers, and wine. Add the Magic Key Terrace as a stop on one of your many adventures at Disneyland!

Where is Magic Key Terrace located?

Magic Key Terrace is located in the Pacific Wharf on top of the Wine Country Trattoria in Disneyland California Adventure theme park. There should be a second check-in booth next to a set of stairs where you can join a wait-list. You can find it on the Disneyland website here. You will need a Disneyland California Adventure Park reservation and valid Magic Key Pass in order to dine here.

What was the experience like at Magic Key Terrace?

The Atmosphere

The day that I went the weather was 70˚ Fahrenheit and had a slight breeze at 12:30 PM. It is all technically outdoor seating but there are two sections for seating. One will have a view over Pacific Wharf and another will be more enclosed with a tarp. We were seated with a view overlooking Pacific Wharf and it was beautiful! I highly recommend getting seated in this area. We had a great view of Avengers Campus and the Guardians of the Galaxy Tower.

The Service

The staff were incredibly friendly and efficient. We sat almost immediately since we got there at 12:30 PM. It took the wait staff less than a minute to come by and ask if we would like anything to drink.

Out waiter was very friendly and checked up on us periodically to make sure we are doing well. We had an idea of what we wanted to we did not ask any questions besides an allergy menu. She was quick to refill our water and quick to bring out our wine.

We sat down at around 12:32 and ordered at 12:35. We received our Wine at 12:40 and our food at 12:51. By 1:30 PM we finished, so it was quick and efficient service. They already filled up the wait-list by the time we left, so I recommend getting there right when it opens or make a reservation if possible.

The Food & Drink

Overall, the food was delicious! The wine we ordered was a Fess Parker Riesling 2019. We ordered the Golden State Pork Loin, Golden Dreams, and the Charcuterie and Cheese Board. The menu changes each season, this was the selection that was available in Spring 2022. When we came back for their Summer menu we tried their Kentucky Mule with Jameson, Bone Marrow Truffle Mac & Cheese, and their Potato and Garlic Flatbread.

Fess Parker Riesling

Fess Parker Riesling held up in a wine glass.

The Fess Parker Riesling is a sweet white wine that pairs well with the Golden Dreams seared scallops. It was light and delicious. This was much more sweet than the wine we had at Wine Country Trattoria. I would definitely get this wine again.

Golden State Pork Loin

The Golden State Pork Loin is a slow roasted Pork Loin covered in sesame seeds on a bed of grilled bok choy with garlic mash potatoes and honey glazed caramel onions. The Pork itself was seasoned well and delicious, however, it was a little dry for my taste. The bok choy was superb and really steals the thunder in this dish. This was our favorite thing to eat. The mash potatoes was creamy and well seasoned, it paired perfectly with the pork loin that was overcooked a little. Paired this with the honey glazed grilled onions it was a great combination of sweet, salty, and garlic flavors.

Golden Dreams

The Golden dreams contains seared scallops and potato fritters that is on a bed of roasted carrot puree with fresh lettuce, radish, and grilled carrots and onions. The seared scallop was perfectly cooked and I would get it again. The potato fritters were crunchy and well seasoned. Top each item with the carrot puree and it was perfection.

Charcuterie Board

The Charcuterie Board consisted of prosciutto, salami, grapes, olives, pate bread, and sun-dried figs. It contained many different types of cheeses such as; White Cheddar cubes, Cheddar, Swiss, Goat Blue Cheese, and Blueberry white cheddar. Each meat and cheese were delicious. My favorite was eating the white cheddar cube, pate, prosciutto on a slice of bread. Unlimited slices of bread are available upon request. However, you can only get 3 slices at a time.

Bone Marrow Truffle Mac & Cheese

The Bone Marrow Truffle Mac & Cheese is a Gemelli Pasta with Truffle Cheese sauce served with bone marrow and a sourdough crouton. You receive your own bone marrow to scoop out and mix in with your Mac & Cheese. I felt like a very fancy 12 year-old. The cheese sauce was delicious and not overpowering with truffle oil. The bone marrow added an amazing umami and salty flavor to the truffle cheese sauce. I recommend you break the crouton and mix it into the cheese sauce for little bites of crunch.

Potato and Garlic Flatbread

The potato and garlic Flatbread is a flatbread topped with Caramelized onions and Dairy-free house-made ricotta with dairy-free Parmesan and Pesto. This honestly blew me away at how delicious this was. I definitely could barely tell the difference in the taste of cheese. The cheese didn’t melt as well as you would think, however, you can’t really tell from the taste alone. I highly recommend this flatbread.


Overall, it was a fantastic experience. I definitely recommend adding this to your Disney bucket list if you haven’t gone already. The food is a must try and if you time it correctly you should be able to watch world of color! Make sure you check it out again as they change their menus depending on the seasons. I can’t wait for what they have in the Fall and will update this post accordingly. Have you been to the Magice Key Terrace? If so, comment below and let me know what your experience was like.

If you plan on going to California Adventure then check this place out! I recommend you make a reservation, otherwise, there is a walk-in wait list.

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