About Me

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Welcome to Wait, That’s Good!

My name is Kevin and I am the voice and creator of the Wait, That’s Good Blog! A little about me, I am starting this as a casual hobby while working a full-time job. Growing up in a Vietnamese household, I would watch my Dad cook amazing homemade Phở Bắc, Bò Lúc Lắc, and Chả Giò.

During and after college I had to learn how to cook my own meals because I was a poor college student and I discovered I love cooking! After college, I lived in Madison, WI and Saint Paul, MN for work and learned how to cook for myself. I discovered new recipes and tried cooking things I didn’t think I would before.


My goals for this blog is to share my family recipes and the heritage with you! I hope to make these recipes easy, flavorful, and fun to make. It’s important for anyone to cook and experience new kinds of food.

I also love eating out and finding new places to eat. My hope is to also review and give you ideas of where to eat at places you might be considering or haven’t heard of at all.

Going Deeper

I changed jobs and moved back to Los Angeles. While I was in Wisconsin and Minnesota I was in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend, Alexa. Some Zoom dates that we have done included: cooking together, buying the same type of food, and watching movies together. Now that I am back in the Los Angeles area, we go on dates every week. Tune in to find out places you should eat next.

Fun facts

  • I have Disney Magic Key passes with my girlfriend and we go very often!
  • My favorite thing to cook is a fine steak.
  • I do not like cucumber because it tastes like soap to me.
  • I am allergic to coconut and mystique wood used for smoking BBQ.
  • For some reason I LOVE almost all sour types of food (lemonade, sour candies, etc).